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Enucleation/ Evisceration

What is Enucleation/ Evisceration?


Some patients develop a blind, painful eye due to various disease processes of the eye such as advanced glaucoma, trauma, and/or infection among other conditions. In these situations, the eye is damaged beyond repair and it is causing pain affecting the patient’s quality of life. For such select patients, eye removal surgery may be indicated to make the patient more comfortable. This surgery is known as enucleation or evisceration depending on the technique the surgeon employs. 

What to expect with eye removal surgery?

Once the eye has been removed, a spherical implant that is similar in shape to a marble ball is placed in the orbit to occupy the space that is lost by removal of the eye. Your own tissues are then closed over this implant. After 4-6 weeks of healing, you are then referred to an ocularist. An ocularist will then fit you for a prosthesis that will match your other eye. Think of the prosthesis as a very large white contact lens that the ocularist will hand paint to match the other eye. Fortunately, many patients are able to wear a prosthesis that looks quite natural.